isomac: the movie

April 1, 2005 – 10:01 am

so i video-taped the demise of my $50 piece of molded capresso plastic. and yes, the arrival of my isomac tea as well. and yes, i filmed myself acting like a moron, and yes, it took a year to resurrect the footage into something presentable. and yes, i spent WAY too much time on this music video. and yes, i denuded my portafilter with a CNC vertical mill (same industrial machine they use to punch piston chambers in a car’s engine block). and yes, it was overkill (thanks, nate).

in any case, its ready for (limited) public consumption.
the isomac, now-ubiquitously-overamped-MTV style:

UPDATE: quite the, er, discussion over at coffeegeek.