calmer now…

April 8, 2005 – 1:57 am

to get this kenya strain to hemorrhage sin on my palate, i have done several things.

first, the new roasting log:

um, no. that’s not it.
here it is!

kinda crude-ish, but the ‘*’ columns stand for the first and second crack, and at cool-down i monitor the overall consistency of bean color, the time distance after full city (defined as the minute the second crack rolls uniformly) and the visibility of oils/caramelization. later observations are recorded after shot-pulling and a good hearty swill.

i’m using a roast profile on the i-roast slightly tweaked from the sweet maria’s standard. specifically, i shaved five degrees off the final roasting stage, with a longer break between the cracks as my goal. so the roast profile for the karatina goes something like this:

stage 1: 350 for 2 minutes
stage 2: 400 for 3 minutes
stage 3: 455 for 4.5 minutes

as you can see in the log snapshot, i hit the cool button well before the 9.5-minute total roast time is up, usually when i can see some early caramelization and as soon as possible after full city … about 10 seconds into the rolling crack.

i plan on trying this profile out in several weather settings to better hone in on the effects of ambient temperature. for now, though, i seem to have hit upon the subliminality factor.