globally diverse smack-downers

April 16, 2005 – 2:25 am

dedicated page of smackdown pics under construction … but first: the globally diverse attendees.

sarkis, the cypriot host and self proclaimed coffee/rare instrument/silkworm (Lepidoptera Bombycidae Bombyx mori) aficionado
(equipment: expobar/rocky/hottop)

nate, the low-budget purist, whose lamp-cover-modified hot-air roaster stole the show! (equipment: stovetop roaster, modified popcorn popper)

jake, the progenitor, first among us to lay out an entire (then-)paycheck on a machine. (equipment: solis sl 90, freshroast)

reynaldo, the professor, nearly ph.d’ed. (equipment: professed affinity for the spectacle. also: cool spectacles.)

dan, the globe trotter, fashionably grizzled and close to departure again. (equipment: guitar callouses. sophisticated palate.)

szymon, the pollock, a good sport and oddly not photogenic! (equipment: some kinda bud-hood with sarkis)

and me. (equipment: isomac tea, gran macinino, i-roast. also: darkly stain-ed teeth and a very dirty towel)