incremental cypriotic strides

April 20, 2005 – 9:56 pm

“am i close?” said the Incandescent Cypriot by way of electronic missive.

’twas a mere five-day after the infamous smackdown d’espresso, and i beheld as evidence:

“a bit more even-handed of tampage,” i say, “and lesser of grind.”
and then, as if to spike such pompous levity with his trademark cypriotic whimsy, he displayed, i tell you, WORM latte art. as in, a veritable rendering of a silkworm atop the overly frothed latte.


recall, if you will, this man’s other hobby (scroll down), also scurrilously viewed here.

worm art. alert the relevant 501(c)3!

“they’re getting big,” said he. as indeed they are.

UPDATE: there seems to be some confusion on this matter. yes, this sarkis fellow keeps silkworms, and yes, he e-mailed me a picture of his “latte art” today. must we spell out everything? might this blog not pursue florid overwriting if it so chooses? thank you.

UPDATE: yes, this blog will kindly refrain from lambasting the man’s gargantuan sea foam-esque frothing bubbles roughly the size of gollum’s eyeballs. that would be beneath us.