on seeing lance

April 22, 2005 – 11:01 pm

as if lance armstrong weren’t already beset by an adequately effusive pursuing gaggle, we thought we’d add to the mayhem. despite a looming retirement, the usual bluster about being out of shape and the recent strength of the fastest mennonite on two wheels, one would seem to have a good chance at seeing vintage lance during stage five on saturday.

given that they’ve already raced through hail, weather wouldn’t seem to be an issue (er, for ol’ lance and i anyway. then again, this is a family outing). so we’re off to the remote and extremely elevated brasstown bald.

i’m betting the most of the crowds will show up to see lance’s last u.s. race at the sunday finale near atlanta. that leaves the beyond-category climbs and mountaintop finishes to us … right? one can hope. in any case, check out the groovy and daunting map of saturday’s stage right here.

anyway, light blogging as a result. and i still have to figure out how to stagger my portable refrigeration packs so that a fresh, quadruple-tall iced breve is at my beck on every hour. *sigh*