live-bloggin’ redux

April 26, 2005 – 10:16 pm

there are some epiphanies that should have dawned on folks (vague and generic term for the high ayatollahs at the top of the specialty coffee food chain) long ago.

gauperaa takes up a question i’ve posed repeatedly just in the weeks since our local, extremely uncut and totally unfit-for-public-consumption espresso smackdown hosted in greenville and live-blogged without restraint.

Last year I wrote a post about the sad state of the WBC homepage, and other big official (coffee related) websites. The potential is huge. How about up to date scores and comments, pictures, blogs, live streaming etc. etc. The state of affairs however is sad. The only thing they’ve managed to do on the WBC page is to post a short paragraph about Denmark winning, and that took some days after Troels was announced as the winner. The danish site has nothing? Can you believe that?.

indeed. there would seem to be a huge market for a live-blogged, photo-blogged or generally fresh-content forum during the major espresso gatherings — the robust readership for my local gig would seem to hint as much. i know i’d read such a site religiously. when i posed the question over at CG, i got one serious taker (admittedly an intruiging one). it makes me want to hang out the shingle, go to the june espresso jam in chapel hill and test the waters. i mean, we’ll finance team competitions, regional championships and periodic jams, plan trade shows, execute seminars and throw after-parties but can’t post the results of the world-stinking-championship in a reasonable time period? then why claim to be spreading the espresso gospel? there’s a captive audience waiting for basic details, and there’s nowhere to find the info!

it would seem that, in the age of ye olde innerneck, more could be done. and with the obvious cost involved in such new rollouts as the groovy, matte-photo-paper printed barista magazine, for example, you can’t tell me it wouldn’t be more cost effective to pay a guy to run a basic news/blog/photo site. “own the topic,” as we say in the business. doth i sense a market opening for the publication or web group that has the savvy to corner the idea first?! hmmm. by the time they get around to it, they may be contending with the grass-roots efforts born of sheer general demand. i’d hate to think the acronyms that purport to lead our craft in its advancements are already acting with the cat-like reflexes of a multi-national bureaucracy…