everything’s faux…

April 28, 2005 – 10:51 pm

doubtless the effulgent cypriot took offense at the post below. because, you know, his day job somehow entails faux finishing. meaning, basically, that he didn’t even have to save up before buying the expobar office. (“wasn’t he supposed to take offense?” well … yes.)

so he e-mailed:

Take a look at this. None of that anemic stuff you posted today.

nice rhododendron, sarkis. also: “anemic.” decent usage, for a man o’ cyprus!

UPDATE: clearly, the cypriot used a utensil. um, dude. the bloomin’ onion is psychedelic and all. but ya gotta use the pour, man. “uuuuuse da pooooouuurr. yeeeewwwwwwssss it, mon, yeeeewwwwwsss it.” or, as godfather lupi would say, and i quote:

We had succeeded in learning all the necessary techniques for to prepare good cappuccinos and decorated with  only movement of milk jug.


UPDATE: no, this blog will not be making sophomoric puns about “mr. loopy’s” name. so don’t even ask.

UPDATE: this is one reason we will not be making fun of mr. loopy in any way whatsoever. because he is quite capable of pouring very unflattering and completely accurate works of latte art that would depict this blog eating his used italian espresso pucks. also: a heart breaking in two.

UPDATE: sarkis of the resplendent smile responds:

consider it freestyle!

allllrighty then. but if your art is freestyle, then what is mr. loopy doing? extreme urban jug-controlled jungle pours? just wondering…

UPDATE: here’s the instructional video for you, sarkis. called, oddly enough, “extreme free-form latte art.” at a mere $69.95, it’s priced to sell at a faux finisher’s price range! (all i have to say is, i’m glad you didn’t bid on my new toy.)