why i will not upgrade grinders in the near future:

April 29, 2005 – 10:56 am

instead of weighing in with my far-flung perspective from the espresso hinterlands, i’ll simply send you over to malachi’s blog to read why there are no good new grinders on the market. meaning, for me, that i will be waiting to upgrade from my very-underrated-and-yeoman-like-but-not-uber-fine-tunable isomac gran macinino to anything more costly.

Grinders right now all have two huge failings. First – the doser mechanisms (regardless of type, style, whatever) are all terrible. Second – they cook the coffee. The solutions are also pretty (darn) clear. First – they need to build a doserless grinder that doesn’t clump and doesn’t spray. It needs to drop the coffee directly into the basket without imparting a huge static charge and with decent distribution. Second – they need to decouple the motor and the burrs.

go read the whole thing.