apparatus alert

May 11, 2005 – 11:46 pm

the pallid-toothed cypriot tells me he found an isomac tea (the preferred apparatus of CI) for a meager $800. we paid $1,200 for ours. and not only that, he somehow procured a gleaming mazzer mini for some cut-rate price.

send us the links, sarkis! we want to know where you got ‘em! (true, i have recently hewn to a no-new-grinder pledge until the burr gurus fix some key flaws in today’s product. but the question of how much like a bandit sarkis made out would have very grave import on the resilience of this pledge, i’d say. plus, we just want to know if we missed a deal or if the resplendent armenian wizard has conned some poor fellow out of his last u.s.-branded tea and a transcendent grinder to boot!)

we will reserve this space for sarkis to spill the beans:

UPDATE: the wheeling and dealing cypriot swears it was just ebay. i still say it’s might fishy to be procuring brand new, thousand-dollar machinery at cut-rate prices via some webified garage sale. still, i’m aware of the entrepreneurial possibilities of ebay. grrrr.

p.s. we will also post this funny pic of said cypriot until he tells us.
[pic removed]
clarification: the pic was not funny because its subject happens to be said cypriot. it is funny because he was clearly enthralled with gazing up under … something.