riviera rebuild: reason for alarm

May 16, 2005 – 11:18 pm

herein we see the two major problems that first appeared with said riviera. the boiler switch didn’t work (i.e. the machine didn’t know when to stop heating the water and stoked itself well in the danger zone), and the steam side of the machine leaks water.

video here. (about 200KB.)

so far, some happy endings though. i took out the boiler switch, played with it a bit, then put it back in. works! i call it “the jigger method.” the machine now perfectly oscillates in the 1,1 to 1,2 bar range. (which, if the temp proxy rules of thumb from my isomac apply, means i’m getting a brew temp of roughly 202 degrees.) as for the water leak, an uncanny flaw in the copper initially made me think there was actually a crack in the side of the boiler (drumroll of doom, please). turns out the leak comes from under the steam knob, then flows over toward the boiler wall, where it heats and fizzles, making it look like it’s bubbling from inside the boiler itself.

that would be two major expenses avoided…