riviera rebuild: the big nasty

May 16, 2005 – 10:49 pm

video clips of the riviera rebuild follow:

like any redemptive project, this one began with the hard-core gook. as in, seriously antique water that had turned the inside of this riviera thing a nice, heart-warming shade of copper-schnoz green. (video link above about 500KB. it’s raw and unedited, folks.) cameo of my son included for sheer photogenetic contrast.

then moving right along to the sewer-slime ring on the water tank … at the sight of this, i was suddenly moved to rethink nose-hair trimming. (this clip approx. 300KB.) breves, anyone? or better yet, something mesquite-y with a garnish of guajillo honey??

more video later…

UPDATE: you can see here the real-deal italian and key specs. “cappuccino per uno famigliano,” my keister…. (click photo for bigger version)