riviera rebuild: the rebuild itself

May 26, 2005 – 1:06 am

yes, still awaiting parts — steam knob and gasket, water tank top and gasket, portafilter and basket and a grouphead gasket.
“would you also like a drip-tray cover sir? it’s a solid brass bargain at $75.95.”
um, no. guess i’ll just have to fashion one out of beanie weenie cans and fencing wire.

the brew water IS looking pretty crystalline, though. i’d post pics if i had a camera good enough to show the water particles. (meaning: if i had a camera.) these video frame extracts are legit only under certain, er, fog-compatible circumstances. specifics soon, however.

UPDATE: reynaldo, the former smackdown participant, e-mailed to say he would Never. Drink. From this. Machine. he suggests bleach. but i will convince you, rey. i will. shucks, the exit of said sewage could only mean there’s less inside!