hack bits

May 28, 2005 – 4:37 am

uber-compressed glimpses of initial riviera operation now uploaded. will they satisfy? no. do they make a lick of sense? why, no. will you find them a considerable step down from the already-mediocre media posted heretofore? yes. yes, you will.

these clips are rough. but it’s why i blog, instead of, you know, producing musicals or gold-leafing interior fixtures in my spare time. until the camera’s fixed, all you get is grainy, unedited mpeg4. also: don’t pay any attention to the background noise. it may sound like moaning, starving children, but it’s really just npr.

1: dose (an excuse to show off the looker of portafilters). 2: tamp (an extremely temporary setup, yet this blog’s biggest shame). 3: pull (an early, blond-beset shot).

UPDATE: the hour notwithstanding, i just re-watched the three clips above. that stuff is total poo — both the footage and the brewed results. blarg. perhaps by the time the camera returns i’ll have mastered the lever. good thing there’s a backup.