riviera rebuild: straggling addenda

June 9, 2005 – 2:30 am

the effulgent cypriot helpfully notes that a semi-related riviera restoration thread has popped up over on CG. interesting to see a chrome version.

on the matter of shot-pulling, i’m having a beast of a time catching the boiler pressure at a consistent ideal. i typically pull a shot at the top of the cycle — when the heater turns off, having pushed the boiler gauge to the maximum optimum point, typically 1,3 bar or so. the first three are usually quite sour (brewing too cold). so i flush, try again, etc., and can often get unpredictably bitter shots as well (too hot — though at least this effect is, er, more excusably ‘italian’ by flavor profile). with tonight’s light-roasted yirgacheffe: two sours, then one that finally came close to what i feel this machine can produce. somewhat transparent and thin, yet full of wild ethiopian character and some yummy mesquite overtones when i added a dollop of foam for the evening machiatto (we ARE talking italian brew here, after all). problem is, i’m having trouble duplicating this product with any regularity.

when folks say this is the hardest way to pull shots, they’re right. when they also say it’s the most rewarding, they’re almost right. alas, my isomac has spoiled me.

the rebuild chronicles: i’ve added a new blog category and archived all riviera related posts here. you can also find this section on the right.