your daily bon-bon of existential reflection, right here:

July 18, 2005 – 10:48 pm

it’s been one of those almost-but-not-quite sort of days. like a hair in a biscuit. like downhill skiing with a loose boot. like affirmative action or multi-lateral antiproliferation treaties. like affogato soup …

… which is about as close to sublimity as i came today.

ever wonder why we don’t use terms like “quasi-good”? “near-quintissential“? “virtually preeminent“? it’s because there is no such thing. it is or it isn’t. show me an apologist for near perfection and i’ll show you a wind-whipped relativist. iraq? find me some WMDs, and you have resounding global approval! affogatos? two crisply defined scoops of vanilla are all you need! but no. i let them melt. next up: i crash in a queen-sized bed that’s nearly nice! if only there weren’t that stray spring poking my fifth lumbar vertebrae and setting me into these evil moods. (that’s right: when you’re a victim of your environment, there’s always a hair somewhere in the biscuit. tomorrow’s philosophical bon-bon: a turnabout carpe diem day, in which, demanding single-shot perfection, i succeed!)