nibbling weekend reprise

August 1, 2005 – 10:11 am

the brazil cerrado doesn’t impress me. bought it for the still-deferred blending i intended to do, and feel i’ve roasted it as well as i can. still … it’s annoyingly balanced. meaning that it doesn’t offer anything notable, except maybe some very light chocolate notes. decent, but not charming. in other words, it might work as a blend anchor … if i get around to it.

it was all i had on hand when the beaming cypriot and his pollock cohort came by for some isomac shottage, a demonstration of the rejiggered flush routine and some long overdue riviera shots (below). the short version: the “mesquite macchiato” specialty drink got high marks — despite the oddball, two-eyed finish sarkis insisted on adding to the modest latte art,

said latte art overall turned out rather eccentrically,

and the riviera shots earned raving reviews. said he wanted to duplicate the profile on his isomac, he did. crazy loon. still…

… even i was gratified by the results. thanks to szymon for the photos. the both of them tottered out, babbling some induced delirium about needing teeth whitener and a straight-drip i.v., after a couple hours and a box of krispy kremes. who knows what happened to them from there…