mesquite chronological imagery

August 3, 2005 – 8:47 pm

persons have asked about the ‘mesquite macchiato’ concoction referenced earlier. well, then. perhaps an illustrated guide would gratify.

(note: the recipe was originally posted here, though readers can be forgiven for a boredom less sufficient in those days so as not to have been driven to this hack place. also, i’ve only recently named it ‘mesquite macchiato’ because i had grown tired of waiting months for a better name to present itself. suggestions welcome.)

user tip: if you print out these pictures, cut them out, stack them in your hand, and flip through them rapidly, you may or may not see flashes of an exciting live-action barista sequence.

the favored honey, source of the “mesquite” descriptor.

coat a 3.5 oz. shot glass with a spatula.

execute shottage. i prefer something potent and spicy, like a good sulawesi.

top off the cup with steamed milk as a macchiato, garnish with two small twists of fresh sage.

for the uber-privileged, add a bit o’ espresso chocolate to the side.

the idea is not to produce a sweet drink. that would indicate too much honey. instead, the mesquite aspects of the guajillo nicely set off the pungent fullness of the macchiato, which then gets its crowning aroma in the whiffs of sage as you drink (not meant to be ingested). it’s been a resilient hit, and scored major points over the weekend with the cypriot visitor, he of the gleaming dental work. now all i need to do is ask him for his mazzer…