the yemen: diminutive ROI

August 7, 2005 – 12:34 am

five pounds later, a good cup was finally had. the yemen ismaili, which normally offers such a crema-laden cup with an almost overly forgiving mouthfeel and rampant aromatic wonders, has given me fits in the roasting. i previously referenced the very small bean size, a common trait for the yemens, that had me throwing out the first and second cracks as indicators of roast progression. it seemed the heat was penetrating these beans so rapidly that by the time they got around to “cracking” the interiors were already progressed much further. result: endless ash. carbonized poo. exasperating.

wasn’t until this week that the roast profile was adequately tweaked to produce some decent shots. found: overt — i mean overt — baker’s chocolate and strong leather aromas. probably swilled six shots in a row this morning that finally stood up. excellent. swiveled, looked in the bag o’ green and … there was one batch left, if that.

so, let’s see what Larger Lesson we might extract at this hour, and from such a paltry anecdote. hmmm … i know! much like interpersonal relationships, sophistication and true understanding is a journey fraught with expanses of time and exasperating setbacks … and, the further one delves into “knowledge” of a particular individual’s character, the more work it takes to experience apexes of wonder, satisfaction and sublimity! thus, lovers’ labors grow ever greater, yielding ever better rewards. no?

well, no. perhaps i’m just a bit slow on the uptake with my roast profiles. guess it’s five more pounds of the mokha ismaili. and i haven’t even approached the intended blending effort.

P.S. there’s talk of another, professionally photographed and journaled smackdown in the near future. the question would seem to be, before or after the southeast regionals?