celebratory verdure

August 8, 2005 – 11:47 pm

so this blog went and bought an arabica plant for the bioluminescent cypriot’s birthday, the persistently hideous nature of his latte art notwithstanding. why videoblog it? i don’t know. suffice to say that when you combine haphazard footage, poorly spliced background music, a 45-minute editing time limit, a wretched spate of naked shots from the “backup” expobar machine, the week’s worst latte art and a series of cheesy double-entendres, the result, at best, is a vignette that’s predictably lousy and pedestrian!

i have had a fine day. but this wasn’t one of them. still, this blog does try…
the entire three minutes of bandwidth-gobbling video dreck — six megs of it! — can be ingested here.

UPDATE: the video link, for some, didn’t work. ’tis now fixed at http://ben.szobody.com/sarkisbd.mov