roast profile: flat. very flat.

August 13, 2005 – 11:21 pm

in advance of the move monday (what? i didn’t tell you we’re moving? to a nice 40s stick place with a jacuzzi and room for an espresso cart? and wood floors? and an ideal espresso lab area off the kitchen? huh. well, sorry.), i mustered the cojones to take a gander behind our stove. respectable tenants, we’ve been. the roaster smoke has been scrubbed from the vinyl window frames and the stove’s keister has been cleansed of cob-webs. but not before i found this:

so we have a study in floor-roasted peaberry something, pre-blended with linoleum grit and oven grease! ‘twould appear that this handful of yemen or tanzanian or some such rebel bean posse sprung itself from the cush environs of my protective burlap sack in the interest of avoiding the maw of Whining Mother I-Roast. ah, but how green they were. went straight for the oven’s protective hulk. might have seemed safe and obscure at first, with its generous crevices and sticky sub-flooring. but the heat would have lulled them into a slow and cruel cook.

notice the bright oils visible on the upper left bean. also the extreme dark roast (or presence of mold) on the lower group, while roughly half escaped with a mere pre-city searing. yes, this really is all we have to offer today. and yes, it is a lousy attempt at keeping the content fresh until the dsl-equipped new place is filled. and yes, you will have to go elsewhere if you want anything better.