2 things

August 24, 2005 – 9:38 am

1. no, this blog is not dead. it moved last week, and built an espresso bar over the weekend, and tried an alternate and primitive grinding method, and used 600 feet of galvanized wire to roast a batch of ethiopian harrar, and employed a blowtorch in the pursuit of frivolously leisure espresso, and experimented with homemade spirits and fried a belt sander and left indigenous animal life accidentally encrusted under layers of quick-drying epoxy. but more on that later.

2. on the one week this blog laid (layed? lied? looed?) dormant, it received an insane record amount of blog-hits. as in, 26 times the previous high. investigating, this blog found kindly linkage from such esteemable sites as texas-lottery1.i-jogo.net and mortgages3.i-jogo.net and vicodin1.i-blog.net. this blog is truly humbled and gratified that a new and untapped segment of innerneck readership has found its espresso-jogged fixations so inspiring.

seriously. pics, video and full accounts pending. i promise.