now moving: pictures!

September 6, 2005 – 12:57 pm

indeed, the all-white video links were my fault. my fault, i say. something about quicktime’s new mac encoder being too advanced for your backwoods pc quicktime mutations to handle. and of course, no one wants to go hunt a missing codec just to see a man choke a piece of $1,200 italian finery. so. went back, recoded the footage in cro-magnon-rock-quarry-man mode. and now you can see, on your cedar boxes with dreary holes piping merry micro$oft lithographs into your blog-rotted brain. what exactly you see is, of course, hackneyed and of little use.

the mind-bogglingly labor-intensive wire-mesh coffee roaster woven of galvanized ceiling wire by my indefatiguably plight-inclined brother, is now here. the use of granite slabs to make pulverized poo of said roasted beans is now here. and the laughably cruel choking of the isomac tay-AH at the hands of the ghetto-ized process is now here.

OH: server access from home is spotty, at best. thus, the limited blogging. apologies. hack photography and impromptu cultural/espresso soliliquization will resume shortly. and the southeast regionals! might live-blog it!