SERBC: random screen grabs

September 12, 2005 – 9:50 pm

Wednesday morning update: video links now active)

some slices of SERBC and related action. the gorgeous la marzocco fb70 at pheasant creek featured a PID for extreme temp control as well as naked portafilters. note: click the screen shot for video of a naked shot emanating from this sucker).

what not to do in competition: spike the portafilter with ginger and cocoa-sugar (and tell the judges about it). click the video, though, and you’ll see how smoothly he responded, given what a judge’s veto would do to your routine as deadline loomed.

and then there was claudia, she of the carefully selected socks …. er, stockings …. er, whatever ladies call those things. the delectable-sounding italian sigs aside, claudia had some sweet godfather music and a screaming second-place score of 553.5 in round one. (no video here)

mandy looked a bit nervous before the clock started, but was all class (i.e. constant eye contact with judges) afterward. forgive the seriously jerky close-ups of her shots. the heavy panting handicapped me somewhat as a cinematographer. also: from where i sat, it took some serious zooming to get a look.