the yirg – adding facets

September 16, 2005 – 11:29 pm

to herbacious mint and honey-tangerine add pumpernickle. seriously. i had the ladye spend some time soaking her jowls on a few of the more representative shots and tried to ameliorate last night’s flava surprise by dosing a little heavier and playing with the brew temp. basically, the complexity grew while preserving the fruit and herb notes. after several tries at identifying the newfound yeasty ballast, she declared it rye and i thought it more like barley. obvious intermediary: pumpernickle!

actually, we agreed on it. to be clear: it’s not my favorite profile ever, and i don’t intend to duplicate it for milk-based drinks. but it’s a fascinating study of the possibilities of the yirg, and there could be some specialty concoction that would work well with it. as noted earlier, the shots are pulling a bit fast:

reprising the oracle’s take on this bean,

the cup is more citrusy, especially as it cools, with complex tangy bittersweets. The floral aromas, sweet jasmine and honeysuckle, are so intense when brewing this coffee that you can smell it a mile away.

kinda close. especially the citrusy and sweet jasmine parts. whatever the dickens sweet jasmine tastes like…