tomorrow- underdosage

September 16, 2005 – 12:36 am

tidying up for the night, i emptied the yirgacheffe in the grinder into the double basket and pulled an underdosed shot a little fast with a large, dark cone — a full two ounces. paused before adding a dollop of milk to taste. herbaceous, almost minty tangerine. some honey and sweet pecan. always the wild, woody ethiopian undertone. guess we’ll be exploring this a bit more tomorrow … or later today, as the case seems to be.

UPDATE: this morning: duplicate shot. prerequisites seem to be a hot grouphead, underdosage and a pull time near the 20-second mark (a bit fast, in other words). the flava profile almost reminds me of the new orange-mint orbit gum, only with more gravitas — earth tones and general ethiopian wildness, in other words.