dashed-off excuses are like cheap dates

September 24, 2005 – 12:14 am

this blog has not yet received its piece of cast-iron overkill, though jake has and brought his model over this evening for some multi-shot delirium. by which i mean using a competiton-grade mazzer major to blaze through a pound of dark-roasted yirgacheffe in less time than it takes to learn the stockfleths move. i am, quite frankly, surprised to discover some strong suits of my modest isomac gran macinino grinder to which the mazzers do not measure up. more on this later, probably in a CG review. obviously, these shortcomings will never be enough to keep this blog from doling wads of income for the most seriously torqued-out burrs on the face of the planet.

also played exstensively with the ingredients involved in newly minted serbc champ lem butler’s signature drink, with promising results. i find that when judicious amounts of maple syrup are added to something strongly espresso-based (not a lot of milk, in other words), you get some serious liquor effects. no wonder he trounced the competition so thoroughly! clearly, dan kehn and co. were distracted by thoughts of the looming evening in a college town, and were wooed by the subtle alcoholic hints included in lem’s campus cafe-derived sigs! oooh, that lem is good.

by means of slapdash excuse-mongering, this blog will be extensively occupied with its day job for most of the weekend. hoofing it with a tape recorder in hand alongside various law enforcement personnel in a mostly hip college town that somehow lacks any semblance of a coffee joint that i know of. this is hard to conceive, i know. in such predicaments as this, one pines for one of those la marzocco-outfitted vespas seen recently in barista magazine. guess the red bull will have to do. in these modern times, that stuff must surely spring from every water orifice on campus including sprinkler heads and manhole covers. right?

UPDATE: a NICE art shot of lem working the linea is now posted right here. it’s copyrighted, so you hafta go see. this blog is now thoroughly ashamed of its own contributions to the serbc imagery.