sackloth and chaff

September 28, 2005 – 12:22 am


a bad idea for living room curtains would be to riff on mark rothko’s canvases for a chunks-of-color scheme evocative of … well, it was evocative of a nursery school. could have been the use of primary colors. could have been the preponderance of yellow that garnished a room of darkwoods and aged books about as tastefully as butter on a meatloaf. so, back to the drawing board, meaning that the 90-minute trek and costly purchase of silk for the first effort left only a cherished stash of coffee sacks from various locales for round two. ripping and sewing will shortly ensue. pics, to be sure, will follow. as long as the result isn’t a library/cafe in burlap mourning-wear.

one unsettlingly ambiguous omen: the bioluminescent cypriot has lent his stunning collection of interior finishes to the job. hey, his latte art evokes slasher flicks, but the finials, they portend expertise! this blog can hardly wait.

an excellent way to rein in an overly bright bean is to maintain the roast level while stretching the profile over a longer period of time. this technique was gleaned from an especially cogent piece in the current issue of barista mag by willem boot — an example of the kind of actionable detail the publication needs more of in order to keep widespread readership. drawing out a variety’s sweetness, roasting specifically for single-origin uses and managing acidity (brightness) were all useful points expounded therein.

so. lowered the temps on my preferred yirgacheffe roast by five degrees for the later stages. for a full city+ roast, it took an added minute to reach second crack plus five seconds. preliminary results indeed show a less bright cup. which, for a coffee that can “beat you with a flower”, leaves plenty of fruity citrus still to be experienced. just an experiment, is all. more intensive results tomorrow. or the next day. the expectancy will kill you!