now: more orderly chaos

October 6, 2005 – 1:23 am

some new blog categories, if you care. the long-used “primary chemicals” tagline had become all-encompasing and of no special use, so there are now new subheds: “elsewhere” for riffs on and links to other people’s stuff; “games with fire” to denote roasting discussion; “mad jaunts” to corral all my trips to roasters, cafes and competitions; “riviera refurb” for all levered espresso items; “subjective swillage” to describe matters of taste; and the catch-all “blather” category to describe what this blog propagates far too often — the heftier ramblings on sundry topics of minimal interest.

my favorite new category: the “bioluminescent cypriot” section that allows readers to collate each and every needling post regarding the comically effervescent sarkis and his unnaturally white teeth with a single click of the mouse! note: the new tags are listed on the right. not that you care…