humbly augmenting the cupping vernacular

October 26, 2005 – 11:20 pm

the downside to a rotating stock of single-origin espresso: sumatra! specifically the volkopi supergrade purchased for its brothy intrigue and which has turned out to taste much like … well, beef bullion. no, make that the zesty drippings of tenderloin brisket encrusted in pressed lamb shank. seriously, how many ways are there to say “brothy”? does this make you want to flee the venerated volkopi supergrade for the better-known quantities of, say, the fruit-and-herby east africans? it does? well, don’t. becuase this indonesian has some of that too, in the aftertaste. it’s like, oh … grilled pineapple garnish soaked in roast beef au jus!

the upside: we’re adding new, elitist frontiers to cupping vernacular by the sip.