snobbish, brooding disillusionment

October 29, 2005 – 2:23 am

had some fellas over, who, with their equipment, doubled the mazzer major quotient in the house. result: impromptu single-origin smackdown, and one of the most unsatisfactory evenings of pulling brew ever. not for the lack of aggressive portafilter manning, mind you, but for the total want of anything pleasing to the palate. shudder-inducing foray number one: jake and i had both roasted some new peaberry from the local direct importer (there’s only one in this town, and even that is only because they happen to, uh, OWN A PLANTATION). general consensus after a dozen or more shots: blih. nothing there. like tofu without the hip packaging. it was literally like drinking canned crema, all blank and stale and uneventful in the extreme. shudder number two: the brothy sumatra that continues to impress for its sheer wanton meatiness. the shots stick to your tongue like pan drippings. nate joked that you could cut them into cubes, wrap them in foil and sell tham as beef bullion. made you want to push back your seat at the table, jerk the dinner napkin from your collar and ask for the moist towelette. beefy, man. beefy. final, jam-curtailing shudder: jake had roasted a batch of the peaberry extra light, and we decided to pull it just to complete the scientific loop. i would normally not mention such a clearly idle pursuit of badness, but … cabbage. hot, steamy cabbage was in that cup, packing a delayed punch to the jowls that forced an involuntary jerk of limbs out of all three of us.

so lessee, you have your soup, your side and your vegetable, all in one evening. and none of it any good. needless to say, general inanity quickly ensued, wherein a participant who shall remain nameless managed to insert his head beneath the portafilter for a face full of either beefshank stew or cabbage boil, can’t remember which. i’d snapped some shots of the carnage, but the camera has opted for the silent treatment, and refuses to function. more tomorrow … including possible pics of the coffee bag curtains finally beginning to clothe the windows of the abode.

p.s. just so happens i was reading the tiny joy newsletter that came with my 20 pounds of sulawesi and took great delight in the random dig at the sumatran product from an actual guru person. it’s a matter of taste, i guess, and no one is calling the supergrade a bad coffee (well, jake would). it’s just bizarre in its natural character. and apparently tom likes to rotate his choice of single-origin coffees throughout the year, with a single brothy exception! (this month’s tiny joy not yet posted on the SM web site).