post-brood addendum

November 1, 2005 – 10:54 pm

at some point, i’ll weigh in on the upgrade to the mazzer major. so far, it’s not what you’d think … i miss the isomac gran macinino in a number of ways, not least of which is far superior grind distribution in the portafilter. but gorilla torque and burr size and motor speed and steplessness being the fundamental advantages they are, i’ll be sticking with the chunk-o-burrs. no doubt. but it goes to show that we’re far from having an optimum grinder on the market — for home junkies, no less. can’t imagine the kind of handicapping we’re talking about with the pros here. in any case, some frame grabs from the totally fruitless, strangely dinner-like bean-churn the other night:

in this trashy screen grab from the post-party scene, we see the mazzers — mine and jake’s — ganging up on the tay-AH. even with the short hoppers, they’re stinking hulks. she held her own, though.

the carnage afterward.