we’ve got your foaming fraction right here

November 4, 2005 – 1:33 am

for the latest in torqued-out espresso geek speak, head over here for a bit of light, jovial academic reading about (and i quote) “isolation and characterization of a foaming fraction from hot water extracts of roasted coffee.” clearly, we have discovered the most obtuse way possible to say, “crema study.” and no, this blog does not even want to know what kind of twisted euphemism is meant by the term “foaming fraction.” robot commenter chris tacy responds with the grave assertion: “it seems that melanoidins (along with mannan) are the keys.” which is totally true. the question is, the keys to what? the foaming fraction? their close cousin melatonin? melatonin’s house?

still, we are soldiering bravely through this fine paper and are totally persuaded by this potent line in paragraph three: “more generally speaking, foam formation is a process that usually imparts desirable features to a wide range of food products.” except for when it shows up in your scrambled eggs, maybe. or on your sea scallops.

UPDATE: it is somewhat astounding that the verbose italians who wrote the paper found no difference in the, er, “foaming fraction” from arabica and robusta beans. which would just seem to fly in the face of the most plenteous and verifiable experiential evidence available…