shrouding the pad

November 16, 2005 – 11:53 pm

the long-promised pics of coffee-oriented window shrouds below. that means fishbowl life has now ended (and, truth be told, crab-walking to the shower with one’s bedding pulled tightly around one’s shoulders was getting old). you’ll recall this is the second set of curtains, the first being brilliantly conceived by my rothko-appreciating wife but ill suited to the classic-salvage decor. having tapped the potential of raw silk, then, we turned to the polar opposite: coarse-weave jute of third-world origins!

also relevant, perhaps, is that this blog has now put in five long years at corporate cubicle land. which means this blog got to pick a nice gift from a glossy catalog bearing the printed congratulations of said corporate parent. this blog chose the digital camera, so as to save readers from the previously insufferable video frame grabs and to satiate the wife’s need to snap close-ups of every dallying moth pulled indoors by the scent of sulawesi smoke. the photos you see are actual still pictures, and bode well for the future of low-word-count blogging.

the salvage-imperial assemblage.

the double windows. closed, the drapes screen the indoors without sealing the verve within, if you know what i mean.

p.s. the rods and finials come from the practiced shop of the famed bioluminescent cypriot.