sweet spot diversity: a good thing

November 29, 2005 – 1:14 am

feeling better — save the smoker’s cough. and as this blog composes a long and windy post on the weeks-long workout i’ve given the refurbed mazzer major grinder, i’ll point you to the frenzied discussion over the (deep breath) la marzocco home machine. yes. amazing and drool-plentiful, as you might suspect. if you haven’t been following this on your own, then you really should seek help. this machine is BIG. but i bring it up now, after days and weeks (eons?) of speculation and third-mortgage-justifying logic on the part of some home enthusiasts because of what quasi-pro chris tacy calls the debunking of a theory — that there is only one sweet spot for a particular espresso blend when it comes to brew temp. if you don’t read the entire party-like thread, at least read this one post. please.

If you’re looking at the results of changes of brew temp at a 3F level of granularity, there is a clear bell curve. Even at a 1F there is a bell curve of quality. But at a tighter resolution, I start to find multiple sweet spots – each with their own distinct flavour profile.

nothing like new frontiers of control, when it comes to the brew. and as long as we’re debunking theories here, this would seem to suggest intelligent design in the espresso blend, no? oh, wait. wrong debate. of course, you’d need a filthy GS3 to even get anywhere NEAR temp stability of 1/3 a degree. do we realize that we’re talking about temp-programming capabilties in the home easily superior to those at sanctioned compeetitions? huh?