palpitating cerebrally onto this blog

December 10, 2005 – 1:56 am

took part in a seasonal liturgy this evening, after which this blog manned a fully loaded espresso bar well into the night. i’d special ordered a three-day-old batch of seductive panamanian brightness just for the occasion but, to be honest, my consistency was just lousy. blond-to-black erratic poo, i say. being beholden to a stubborn strain of barista gallantry, that meant i sipped and dumped a lot of shots en route to serving multiple rounds of capps and maccs for nearly 20 people. meaning that i’m on the tail end of 25 or 30 ounces myself, and feel as if someone used a cricket paddle to grunt-slap a cocoa-caramel snowball into my inner ear. so delicious, this abuse…

an extra-long four-day weekend of code brown revelry is on its way.