drink idea: crystalline sheathing

December 17, 2005 – 8:58 pm

clearly, the almighty weather widget was right:

the entire world had been sheathed in a hefty layer of crystal and the power went the way of the victrola. it’s the first time i have been one of the statistics, as far as power-less-ness goes, and, as it turns out, i have been one of roughly 700,000 people. so. the trees exploded and sent pleistocene spears slicing through roofs and lawns, snapping telephone poles and throwing a beastly kink into the traffic, though the streets remained passable. took the family in search of fire and didn’t get a cup o’ joe or access to the indispensable innerneck for what seemed like eons. when the lights did come back on, late friday, the isomac kindly responded by warming itself …but the code brown was stale. *sigh*

still, some notes forthcoming, more on the workability of this blend as opposed to its flava profile alone. in the meantime, a garish morsel from the past 72 hours: