heaping pikes of inconvenience

December 23, 2005 – 12:43 am

no sooner had the power returned than the phones went out — presumably the fault of those electric pole-climbing types fiddling with their wires and ignorantly goofing with those wires. the cheery, two-dimensional voice at the other end told me that not only had my problem already been reported, but the requisite repairs would be made no later than december the 27th. to which, i yelled into the receiver, “WHAT, the …?” only to be told, “i’m sor-ry. i did NOT under-stand you.” it was one of those voice-recognition lines. blarg, i say. blarg.

anyhow, read a sayers mystery instead of hunching over th’almighty innerneck this evening. just for kicks. you suffer, but my life takes on texture! twist! leisurely nuance! obviously, the broad extrapolations from last week’s code brown will have to stew a bit longer.