actual studious follow-up

January 4, 2006 – 11:18 pm

the aforeshadowed research has consumed days of data-logging, acute grind-performance observation and vocab-busting soul searches for more apt terms to describe the conundrum of what makes some beans and blends more tangibly “workable” in the shot-building process … yet is still wholly unlikely to satisfy the CG curmudgeons formerly loathe to proffer hypotheses or admit to similar lines of inquiry (speaking here of all but the two who stabbed). on the bright side, we may soon be able to blame this blog’s entire array of consistency conundrums on the bioluminescent cypriot! just five more batches of beans to rest and swill, and this blog will offer its own caveat-laden, bum-protective semi-conclusions in this very space. i know: you could cut the apathy with a pallo tool.