cliffy’s notes

January 8, 2006 – 10:38 pm

findings in a nutshell: i don’t know what makes some beans workable … but i think roast profile is a major factor. i also know that stretching a batch into 12 minutes on a hot air roaster is a bad idea. makes for general mud-brick characteristics with hints of mud, aftershocks of brick and mud aromatics. also: brick notes in milk! a good idea, on the other hand, is mother sulawesi, roasted extremely evenly (read: slow rate of increase) right to the cusp of a steady second crack, rested two days, with a bit of textured unpasteurized whole milk:

thus ends the short version. when i collate roast curve charts and research more appropriate adjectives, i’ll follow with the unabridged version. oxford edition. with a foreword by the bioluminescent cypriot (who will, of course, take all the blame for newly discovered past inconsistencies).