updosing is like a cheap date!

January 25, 2006 – 11:00 pm

the resident home barista over at the third-wave echo chamber restates what some believe is the test case for aussie-style updosing. no one, however, seems eager to do the actual test of instaurator’s hydraulic theory so succinctly extrapolated by george sabados in barista mag and so recently wielded by this blog with all the efficacy of duct-taped numchucks. the further idea that two-dimentional roasting — where the internal bean color closely matches the outside — goes poorly with this dosing method is a novel concept, for me, and one also in need of a healthy poke.

but! this updosing fiddling has at least offered this blog an interim way to sweet-mask the flaws in its less-than-optimal roast batches (a key asset for any snob on a budget). sabados said the technique came about because he wanted an equalizing force to cover barista inconsistency in a pressure environment … so what about an equalizing force to cover roast inconsistency in an amateur environment? so far, i’ve used th’almighty updose to turn barely scorched mexican beans into a passably pungent double latte. and the mud-brick zim became a merely educational sip of crabapple sunflower surprise! call it puro scuro on the cheap! call it espresso in vitro! call it the phantom additive! the result is like the barista’s cheap date — tolerable, easily arranged and with all the trappings of the real thing!