levered weekend, coda

January 29, 2006 – 11:48 pm

the levered weekend, aired out in all its forms — from dribbling mexican sublimity to experimental crusty-foam macc action.

said weekend-o-leverage self-terminated with a gag shot (e.g. a practical joke that triggered homonym reflex) courtesy the bioluminescent cypriot. or maybe it was my fault. the curtailing stinger went down like this: had pulled some escalating shots of mexico oaxaca — transparently blueberry-ish though it is — from the isomac for nate, building toward the evening’s heavily billed lever shots to illustrate the edge-of-the-tongue italian profile characteristics derived from the riviera machine while retaining some of the wild maple/fruit notes already experienced.

passably executed said progression. marveled. ran out of beans for the finale leisure drinks over which to discuss coming global travels. rooted around for some of the guatemalan extra the cypriot had shared as i await a new shipment. ground, tamped, pulled. nice mouse tail. promising body. and then … a shot of acid so intense it seemed as if i’d fused a 9-volt battery to my tongue with a mig welder. nate uttered the secret cupper’s profanity, known only to snobs jolted from a lip-smacking haze with a dash of dandelion tea: “hick-ga-ha-ha-haaaaaa.” we’re talking grapefruit concentrate without the sweetness. we’re talking brightness on top of brightness on top of mashed cloves. nothing went down easy in this cup.

truth be told, i had paid little attention in the roasting. it was holdover stuff, a stash bought from one of the cypriot’s mystery suppliers and divvied with me when i ran out of the good stuff last week. so maybe it was me, i thought. maybe i seared all the mellifluity out. maybe it was the riviera losing steam on the tail end of a hearty workout. so i put some through the isomac, tweaked, reloaded, tried some more, sipped…

acid. which means it’s definitely time to compare notes. the moral: never take the last shot you drank for granted. the next one could rob you blind of all balance and vim. wherefore art thou, sarkis?

UPDATE: hur. had noticed before writing the above post that someone had googled “mellifluity” and turned up this blog. there don’t appear to be many other people corny-obtuse enough to use the word. well. the CI juggernaut of obscure adjective choices continues!