shoe-leather reporting

February 1, 2006 – 12:25 am

not even a hearty updose (finer points notwithstanding) could fix the guat (note the screen impression, also known as the aussie merit badge).

we’ll not belabor this. the bioluminescent cypriot, it turns out, has resorted to “blending” (muddling?) the battery-acid guat with the mud-brick zim — a coagulation, it turns out, that only marginally reduces the stunning acidity of the afore-deplored latin coffee. to give this blog the unadultered tongue-flamer without warning, then, was just mean — but a darn good trick! i’d say when you’re using year-old, non-specialty zim to mask the staggering effects of a dandelion tea, it’s a sign you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel. such is the feast-or-famine existence of an amateur junkie — the both of us. and still, some people can afford to snobbily throw away gallons! this blog can only wish it were such a guru.

and so, we mournfully extinguished the pilot light on mother isomac this afternoon. there is nothing to do but await tomorrow’s shipment de beans.

UPDATE: sarkis, of course, should be thanked for embodying the other core trait of amateur junkies — sharing! the taste notes have been partly in jest, and as a token of the pure goodwill between us, we’re sharing a 20-pound bag of puro scuro. more cypriot haranguing and droning taste differentials to come…