punting the dose

February 7, 2006 – 9:22 am

this blog could bloviate on and on about tim wendelboe’s return volley in barista mag on the non-issue dosing issue (at least that’s how this blog read his final sentence). but i’m sure all the usual suspects will weigh in (and still more will fumble with what some amateurs are actually doing).

in short, i agree. been underdosing since the advent of the mazzer major, recent snarky experiments notwithstanding. basic olive-branch caveat: dose to your coffee. my current dark, brooding italian blend is absolutely impossible to enjoy without an attentive down-dose, while the eye-popping raisin-plum-pepper sidamo recently picked up by a couple friends tolerates a shocking number of brew variables.

and with that, this blog curtails what could have been a windy and verbage-filled screed on the subject. why? because we leave for paris in three hours. ahem. having been through five or six times before, and having recently read the take of some junkies who’ve lived there, i can testify that there is unlikely to be very much good espresso at all. but! we’ll snap away and make sure to post some pseudo-western parisian mockery!

not really. this blog plans to move there soon.