post-travel melancholy drowning

February 25, 2006 – 1:10 am

this blog is preparing for a group cupping tomorrow (or later today, as the case seems to be), that will include the bioluminescent cypriot, nate the finger and other characters. this evening has consisted of the above pictured ‘dry run.’ said cupping is widely expected to segue toward sundry spoils such as the dozen or so cheeses i’ve stashed as part of denial week as well as additional beverages and vices of all shapes. in fact, i’m dubbing it the Smackdown d’Espresso and General Vice.

might live-blog it. then again, might just save that for the usbc in april.

UPDATE: yes, this blog knows that its efforts to fix the unseemly greenness of the above photograph resulted only in overly dark contrasty-ness. but this blog is too melancholy to fix it. you have this blog’s heartfelt apologies for the aesthetic shortcoming. then again, this blog is plagued with aesthetic shortcomings.