more supply-side geopolitics

March 3, 2006 – 12:34 am

from the local importer of award-winning but odd-as-espresso zimbabwe coffee so recently the subject of dosing theory:

Zimbabwe’s vice-president has said the country’s remaining white farmers would be spared eviction if they toed the line and respected the law, local media reported on Thursday.

“We cannot remove every white man in this country,” Vice-President Joseph Msika was quoted as telling a farmers’ rally. “If you think it’s possible, that will not happen.

interesting, and good news if it’s true — particularly given the other economic hardships i’ve referenced before. the word of dictatorial african officials doesn’t often mean much… later in the story, some staggering figures even i hadn’t heard, though i’ve watched this country’s evolution with interest:

No more than 600 white farmers remain in Zimbabwe following controversial land reforms which saw the eviction of at least 4 000 of their peers to pave the way for land redistribution to poor blacks.

schnaikes. my coffee-farming friends appear to be among a fortunate remainder. read the whole thing here.