CI, your drill-down bloggy investigator

March 11, 2006 – 11:46 am

hmmm. is coffee-blogger teme’s breezy review of the latest ‘barista magazine‘ a barely veiled sign of quid pro quo for the extra linkage he now gets on the magazine’s ‘community’ page? it’s not like the mag only lists three carefully selected blogs in an environment of at least a couple dozen regulars. wait … it is? ok, it is! talk about declining journalistic credibility! … talk about insider third-wave collusion! this must be why teme is always so nice — to everybody!

UPDATE: reader G.C. notes that i linked above to the debut podcast that featured a partly blunt discussion about journalistic credibility at coffee mags, yet they still get free linkage from the ‘barista’ folks … true enough, but you’ll notice that since then, said podcasters bestowed the widely coveted “magazine of the year” title on the editors, an honor currently trumpeted on the magazine’s home page! and wasn’t that blogger jay caragay who was both profiled and featured in a full-page, faux-mafia ad pictorial in two of the magazine’s inaugural issues?? i’m just sayin’…

UPDATE: let’s clarify here that this is all in good fun, and partly the fallout of my cynicism-generating day job as a business and politics reporter, where i’ve heard enough about appearance-of-conflict and credibility issues to fill a leer jet to scotland. remember: an exclamation mark = facetious snark. not to say that these topics aren’t relevant to the tightly knit specialty coffee community, already marred by one insider scandal. still, i’m just poking … (translation: me, me, me! link to me please! free linkage! i’ll publicly drool on the may/june issue! google-cache royalties for everyone! or — if i’ve already dug my grave — then at least recognize some actual thought-provoking barista champion persons!)

UPDATE: another reader — a long-time regular! — notes that i recently weighed in on the same issue of ‘barista’ mag that teme is now propping. that’s correct, but it’s one thing to backhandedly allude to a dosing debate that happens to be taking place in the pages of a given publication. it’s quite another to open by saying “there are several good articles,” then note — in the same post — that the magazine is now linking to your blog! work it, teme!

UPDATE: sigh. another reader: “did you link to jimseven’s blog because he’s one of the few coffee bloggers who links to you?” touche’! see what i mean? there are shadows of slimy coffee collusion everywhere you look! it’s a convoluted case of quid pro quo quo, if you ask me! … (please. no e-mails purporting to correct my latin.)

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: the newly crowned u.k. barista champ just called this blog “wildly entertaining.” let’s be clear: this blog did not see this coming in any way, nor did the recent addition of jim’s blog to the blogroll on the right have anything to do with the compliment. in a totally unrelated development, this blog has decided that the jimseven site is one of your top two coffee destinations on the world wide interwebs! in fact, the content there is truly riveting, in a breathtaking, mind-bending sort of way. also: seven thumbs up!