blundering toward ploof reduction

March 22, 2006 – 10:04 pm

warning: vast, overreaching conclusion-making follows.

a sign of this blog’s recent troubles: the only source of caffeine for the past 36 hours is excedrin migraine. (not, mind you, that this blog was breaking any federal laws by using medication for non-legitimate uses … the headache, it was real — and probably stems from the lack of caffeine!) recent dawn wakings have prevented industrial espresso-machine clattery that might wake the young-uns, and the late re-entry leaves time only for a modest facial scrubbing and a reacquaintance period with the blogwife.

silver lining: the puro scuro has rested longer before use, which, it turns out, is a good thing. not just because the lengthy degassing happens to lend an even deeper, richer texture to the toned-down mouthfeel and a not-unlike-sidamo pepper finish … but because, this being a dark italian blend of unspecified components, it almost certainly contains portions of either (gulp) robusta or malabar coffee that need quite the long rest period to rid the shottage of overly yeasty qualities. me, i’m a stripped down purist — single-origin arabica coffee, please, or else a modest blend of same. the puro scuro, however, grows very intriguing with the yeast-modifying long rest, and i have grown to deeply appreciate a shot — or seven — late in the evening, on five or six days’ rest, when i get the chance.

but! might a similar effect be had with a darker roast, you ask (gratuitously showing off your knowledge of roasting basics)? why, yes. seemingly. by accident, two darker batches — one roasted light french and another that went way long due to temperature instablity — seemed to not only contain fewer flavor trails in general but also lacked the ploofy robusta taint. (side note: to this blog’s great chagrin, the burnt product produced the closest thing to date of dead-on parisian poo mimicry! join us next week for more frenchie espresso secrets revealed!) obviously, the long rest time is preferrable if yeasty ploof is not your thing. but by tweaking the roast profile from my current baseline to go slightly longer and finish slighty darker, then perhaps the puro scuro will get more alluring still!

or not. trouble is, these subtle improvements seem to take me longer and longer. 10 pounds of beanage, just to eliminate the irksome ploof. *sigh*