what baristas need this election: a coffee lobby in washington

March 27, 2006 – 9:57 pm

what if all the ugly grunting noises from the general direction of bolivia pan out, say, and we gain another latin american enemy in the vein of ‘socialist revolutionaries’ like castro or chavez — dictators looking for a reason to antagonize, looking perhaps for an excuse to monkey with america’s second-biggest import? we’d lose some darned good coffee! unlike OPEC countries, for example, bolivia doesn’t exactly have the oil card to play. what’s left? stick out your tongue and start wrapping your diplomatic gestures in coca leaves? well sure, for starters. might make the feds write an extra nasty note to the U.N. but what about the second act, the base-shoring move to show you belong in the latin axis of weasels?

just wondering. seems like some publication devoted to coffee journalism might allot resources to studying the issue, is all. the supply-side geopolitical angle, it seems, is a wee bit undercovered. (see also: zimbabwe.) one thing i’m professionally credentialed to assert: you could do it with a telephone.