don’t look now…

April 8, 2006 – 2:19 am

…but another member of barista magazine’s select, three-blog ‘community’ is conspicuously praising the latest issue. including teme’s recent ravings this makes two of the three! waiting on you, dutch barista!

but that’s just for fun. i’ve been tempted to write, many times, about the shock one gets upon attending the annual mecca of specialty coffee, for example — where the signature event worships origin, taste and out-of-your-mind quality — and the official host is a commoditized mega-distributor. i’m all for funding through corporate sponsorships. but at what point do these basic interests collide? could there be a reason the ‘third wave’ of espresso remains so relatively insular?

yes, i’m going. later today, as it turns out.