obligatory usbc hype

April 8, 2006 – 2:38 am

given the pre-usbc and scaa convention hype — even by those who weren’t going (but now are) — this blog hasn’t been to keen to jump in, especially since its experiences with these things has been regional in nature. first national gig and all, so i’ll pretend to go wide-eyed with wonder.

the convention pass prices? slightly disturbing, for a trade group where amateur junkies are providing much of innovation’s impetus. but then the actual barista smackdown is what this blog is going for, and it has “prepared” by listening to an extraordinarily windy and less-than-nuanced handicapping of the competitors right here. about the only meagre scraps i came away with was the shocker that a south carolina barista — beth gray of the recently blogged muddy waters in charleston — will actually compete. woohoo! given actual palmetto representation, this blog will definitely try to score a scoop.

live-blogging, video-blogging and photo-blogging all very possible as well.